Thursday, May 10, 2012

Book...on Tape Recorder?

        Hello everyone! Okay, it would be totally cool to sit down around a camp fire at night, listening as people told story after story. Well, I thought about the idea of recording a manuscript on a tape recorder...just for fun! Granted, not after having written it, but in the process of actually writing it - no computer! It would be pretty neat to play it back once the book was finished...kind of like hearing someone tell it to you! There are all kinds of different tape recorders out there. Now I know some of you are completely repulsed by the idea. There's no way you could write a good book like that. Well, think of it as telling a, to a tape recorder. And if you made a mistake, all you'd have to do is say, "No, wait, scratch that..." just like you would at an actual camp setting...have fun with it. See what you can come up with! I bought one a week or so back and started recording ideas on it so I wouldn't forget them. It has been so neat to play myself back and listen to what I had to say. Really comes in handy, even for grocery shopping. Some tape recorders will upload your voice onto the computer, but I stuck with the cheap one that simply just played back and deleted...LOVE IT!!! If any of you have any different ideas on how to write a novel, let me know! Happy recording! Or just writing on the comp.

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