Friday, May 11, 2012

Hello Book Lovers

        Okay, so as you can tell, this blog is fairly new. I had tried to set it up where no one could read it until I got more blogs on, but what I think is happening is that people are still finding my blog, even though they can't read it. Well, if my blog pops up, then that just defeats the purpose, doesn't it? So, I don't have much yet, but roam around. As you will see, I'm slowly adding. I would love to meet new writerly people on here, and people who love books, or people who are just interesting. Feel free to follow and to invite me to your blog, there's a good chance I haven't seen it yet. Happy reading/Writing!
        I could so use a hot cup of cocoa right now... I might just make some, and it's nice, too, because it's rainy outside. Maybe this is the perfect time to be sick after all (see last blog for explanation).

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