Wednesday, June 27, 2012

During the Query Wait

Ahhh, the wait. So like I mentioned in a previous post, I've sent my first query letter. My book is young adult soft science fiction and I sent it to Sara Megibow at Nelson Literary Agency. To pass the time, I decided to check her out on a couple of websites. Query Tracker is a neat website that will list hundreds of agents, it will also provide information about them. There's also a place where people who've sent to her can comment. It's crazy to see how long it takes (2 months if Sara asks for a partial -ahh!) and it's crazy to see the form rejections...well, to read about them, anyway. I mean, so much depends on one person. There's so many factors going in as to whether or not they'll want to represent your work.

Even if the agent asks for a few pages, that is by NO MEANS any kind of guarantee. Don't even get excited. All it means is that you might have written a nice query - which you should then applaud yourself for. I must be a real bummer for an agent to request some of your work, have to wait a few months, only to get rejected. Lesson in the making...Patience is vital.

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