Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nanowrimo - Tips to Keep Going

If you're currently participating in National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo) then you know that we're almost to the halfway mark! As I was writing today, I realized that I was starting have still fingers (I wasn't writing). I realized that, though I have general ideas of where I'm taking my story, that I'm not quite sure how to get to that destination. So, I found an excellent way to get there, that may just help you! I am taking two great ideas that I have discovered, and combining them.

1.) Get some notecards. You can even make your own. (For better results, have larger cards).

2.) Pick out your three top characters and designate several notecards to each one.

3.) On one side of the note cared, write:

Goal: (This is something that your character wants).

Conflict: (This is what prevents your character from getting what they want).

Disaster: (This is failure to attain their goal).

Then fill each of these three categories in.

4.) On the back of the notecard, write:

Reaction: (This is where you show their reaction; what they're thinking and feeling).

Dilemma: (This is where the character has two (or more) decisions to make, none of which are good).

Decision: (The character makes a decision).

Fill this out.
After this, you will start again with the Goal, Conflict, Disaster, and then the Reaction, Dilemma, and Decision… it's a cycle.

To have a better understanding of each of these categories, check out this website:


The notecard idea I got from Holly Lisle: check out her idea here:


HAPPY WRITING!!! Keep connecting those scenes!

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