Thursday, May 10, 2012

On Reading my Work

        Hello Cyberworld! I just finished the second draft of my novel yesterday at 4:45! I've begun reading it already, determined to meet my self imposed deadline. I've experienced major doubts already, but hey, that happened in the process of finish the book, too. I was arguing with myself earlier. I said, this is wretched! And then another part of me said, relax, it's not bad, you just wrote the's fresh...very fresh to you. No, I'm not quite like Gollum on the Lord of the Rings, although that does spark some creativity in me! How fun would it be to write a character like Gollum?
        I must admit, upon the near end of finishing my book, I started sweating...not literally. I was dreading reading my book! In truth, I was afraid I wouldn't like what I read, and then, because I had it set in my mind already that I wouldn't like it, I haven't liked it. However, I think the writing is winning out over my preconceived notion of not liking the book. The more I read, the more hopeful I'm starting to feel and the more I find that I do like it. I'm 2/3 done reading it, but decided to move on to something else for the evening. 
        I truly do think that if I hadn't made myself a deadline, that I would put it off for a while, despite how painful that might be...I could do research...BTW, I've found some really good blogs out there. Some such blogs are Confessions with Suzie Townsend, Rachelle Gardner, oh, and Brodi Ashton. There are lots more, and each of these, especially Confessions, has much on the blogs to help writers out with things like queries and the publishing process.
        I was hoping I'd find a blog on self doubt after finishing a novel. Though I've found blogs on self doubt, it wasn't quite specific to the finishing a novel doubt, in that is this good or bad. Anyway, if you happen upon this blog and have any advice or feelings towards any of this, I'd love to hear from you, just drop a comment!

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