Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Writing Habitat

School is almost out (I'm supposed to be studying...ahem, like, right now, but decided a break was good) and I hope to start writing again soon. I've heard countless times that it is good to write everyday, and I firmly believe this. If you're working on a project, like a book, and don't write for a week or two, it is extremely hard to get back into the story. Often, when I'm a bad writer and don't write for a few days, I usually have to re-read at least ten pages, listen to music that reminds me of the mood of my story, as well as read notes that I'd taken for the story. Well, it is my hope that I will be faithful in my writing (as soon as I start again) but for now, I have found a break really freeing

Because I'm weird, I like change. Proof: I moved the furniture around a bit in the living room today because it simply made me happier, no other reason. Well, this same notion of liking change also applies to my writing location. Now that I'm going to write again soon, I need a new place of set up. Do I write at the table, in the kitchen, at the desk, in the bathroom (jk)...which room? I like to have coffee, decaf and the sound of rain in the background with a fan on for noise. Hmmm, I know, I'm odd. Usually I have one or two books out that inspire me  as well as my writing/ notes.

Where do you write? Do you write at home, at the library, or in the swing out back? What do you do to prepare to write, or keep you in the mood for writing?

Ahhh, I miss the messy desk. (This isn't mine). Haha, I like the chord going through the blinds. Awesome.

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